A Short Introduction

I am fluid, constantly changing and adapting to the path in front of me. I don't know what challenges lie ahead, but I will face them with courage, determination, and strategy.

Hello there! My name is Raquel. I am inquisitive and always learning about the world around me.

With a global perspective, I consider myself a global citizen. I believe in sustainability through promoting technology, education, and economic advancement.

I am comfortable around technology and enjoy assisting others in its use. I worked in a technology company for three years. There, I had access to learning about new computer technology through work and peers.

Others regard me as personable due to my empathy, communication skills, openness to new ideas, and my willingness to adapt.

Creativity is something that I continue to develop. Creativity is important to innovation and is something that needs to be nourished.

I am strategic in my approach to every challenge due to our ever changing world. There are many ways to achieve a goal and I believe in optimizing resources for efficiency.

I continue to build on my existing skills through self reflection, education, and relationships. Overall, I am a learner. I analyze the situation and learn to adapt.




Thunderbird School of Global Management

I am currently attending Thunderbird School of Global Management to obtain a Masters of Global Management.

For my undergraduate studies, I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences emphasizing in Animal Physiology and Behavior with a minor in Small Business and another in Geography from Arizona State University.



I worked at GoDaddy for 3 years in various positions. I worked in both technical corporate and sales.


I enjoy volunteering for causes I believe in, for example: humane societies, women in technology, gardens/urban farming initiatives, and programs that promote higher education.